In-Tents Questioning: Electric Picnic, Eire – Cait

In-Tents Questioning

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caitEP.jpg1. Kindly tell us your name, age and where you’re from.
Cait Doc, two weeks off 27, from NI.
2. Where the devil have you been?
Electric Picnic, Stradbally, co. Laois, Eire
3. Been before?
First timer
4. Who knocked the spots off you at Electric Pic-er-nic?
I’d have to go for Bjork’s ethereal-loveliness-becomes-all-out-rave main stage performance. Hyperballad was blindingly good, and Declare Independence sent the already very appreciative crowd completely buck mad.

5. Who should have headlined?
Thought Bjork should have finished off on Friday night instead of LCD Soundsystem. They were great – but come on, it’s Bjork.
6. Did your opinion of any acts change radically after seeing them live?
Nouvelle Vague in the Nokia Trend labs tent on Saturday. I never thought it was possible for a cover band to headline a big festival and completely wreck the place. Even stranger was that we heard two versions of Teenage Kicks – the Undertones original, and the NV cover – and the cover was higher in the bill! Love Will Tear Us Apart had the audience elated. A definite highlight from the weekend. Though I think my boyfriend fell a little bit in love with Melanie much to my chagrin.
7. Any nice surprises or disappointments?
Easy Allstars Radiodread – great surprise. Late afternoon sunshine, meeting up with folk you know on the side of a hill, listening to reggae versions of radiohead songs. Paranoid Android was amazing – screechy guitars and synth sounds replaced with soulful voices and saxophones. Genius.
8. Any high-quality onstage banter you feel deserves highlighting?
Melanie Pain, from Nouvelle Vague, getting the crowd to chant ‘love, love will tear us apart again’ as the band upped the tempo and the energy ’til the whole tent was going crazy. Then telling us we did it better than Manchester.

9. Any moments of great mirth?

Sitting in the Western-themed Pussy Parlure bar on Sunday afternoon having a pint with the other half. We were intently perusing the by now very battered music line-up we’d been donated by Davey mental. All of a sudden we look back up (merely moments had passed) to see 8 leprechauns dancing right in front of us. (this actually happened, and was not the result of any
intoxication of the mind or soul)

10. Weirdest moment?

Witnessing the closing moments of a wedding in the Inflatable Church: the pastor announced the couple man and wife, and the crowd spun each other round enthusiastically to some wicked bluegrass. Then the bride and groom ran outside to the awaiting congregation, revealing to those of us at the back (who couldn’t see until now) that the bride was kitted out in flowing white gown, and the groom was looking dapper in black cock-sock and matching top hat. How romantic.
11. Anything you wish you’d brought with you?
Nope, we were very well prepared

12. Please mark the following elements out of 10…

General facilities: 7
Borrow-a-barrow being very welcome – renting a barrow for 10 euro to lug booze, tents etc to camp was an ingenious idea
Crowd / audience: 10
Great atmosphere, no aggro, top notch
Food and drink value for money: 8
Pies, pies, pies, breakfast burritos, sushi, bratwurst and much more. None ridiculously expensive, all pretty good quality

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