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Backlash Fodder

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sugababes.jpgJust how long can the Sugababes go on? Of all the pop groups in existence, Sugababes are the ones most likely to be found in the collections of the more discerning collector as well as the teens who prop up the pop market. However, numerous line-up changes and scurrilous tales of backbiting and bitching seem point towards a gradual unraveling of the pop threesome.
Even though they’ve just had a big hit and they still manage to retain some kind of cred, it seems the plastered smiles are beginning to crack. The rotating line-up of the Sugababes implies that all is not well in the camp – and whereas once we could all debate over who was to blame, now it looks like it’s the only remaining member, Keisha, who is drawing all the knives.
What does this mean? Well, it suggests that people will tire of the (apparent) bickering and leave Keisha with a solo career. Will people buy into her? Maybe, maybe not… you can only take so many divas, can’t you?

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