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Backlash Fodder

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pigeondet.jpgYou can always tell when a band is on the up and up because they start advertising their LP on the telly. The latest up and upper is The Pigeon Detectives, who are getting a load of airplay with their brand of white boy indie that lies somewhere between Franz Ferdinand and The Arctic Monkeys. The Take Her Back single is the embodiment of wiry FF guitars and the Yorks drawl of Ver Monkeys… but seeing as I don’t like any of the bands I’ve mentioned so far, it’s hardly surprising that I’m not keen on the latest NME soup of the day.

The PDs are formulaic and soooo very, very white. By white, I mean mock rowdy with a clutch of records and riffs you couldn’t hope to dance to without looking like a fey schmindoid who takes great pride in learning the words to the B-sides. There were a couple of periods in musical history where guitar music was vital, new and exciting. Now, bands like The Pigeon Detectives are showing that guitar-based music has lost all its ooomph. Sure, it’s a little rough around the edges… sure, it’s got a wonky guitar solo… but does it have soul? Does it aspire to be anything other than the soundtrack to drinking Stella in a pokey student club? The answer is invariably no. We are currently in a carbon copy of the second-wave of Britpop, and there are going to be a lot of casualties.

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