Celine Dion cancels Canadian gig after media 'bullying'

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celine.jpgI’m sick of simpering crooners. Celine Dion is the latest. The warbler recently scrapped a concert in Canada due to ‘media bullies’. Basically, poor ol’ Celine felt bullied by local residents and the press. Someone give those local residents a medal! The My Heart Will Go On singer was all set to play in the city of Halifax, North America on 23 August next year… but now she’s not going to bother and is preferring to sit at home and moan about how terrible it all is. That’ll show ‘em, eh?
Her husband and manager Rene Angelil says the gig has been scrapped after critics of the star made her feel unwelcome. He said: “I’m gonna tell you something and I hope everyone is listening. Don’t try to find any reasons for canceling the concert. There’s only one reason and you know what it is. I’m not saying that all people in Halifax are negative, but… this is a question of feeling. We’re humans. If you would go to a city and you read day after day

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  1. Jason says:

    God give the women a break…… Her music may not be up to your standards but she cant be that bad she sold millions and still is here in the UK.
    She’s proberbly had enough of the media giving her bad feedback and now finally making a point, Good for her. The thing is you either love her or hate her but she as a Amazing voice, And as for crooners well i would have said that’s more Mariah Carey….

  2. charlotte says:

    Your just saying that because your another critic who dislike’s her.
    You should keep your nasty comments to yourself. If you have nothing nice to say don’t say it.

  3. Leslie Black says:

    I cannot agree with the ‘hip’ haters who constantly try to put Celine down. I have been a musician in the hard rock arena for many years where powerful voices are a basic requirement. Singers like Ronnie Dio, Robert Plant, Steve Perry are constantly praised for their powerful performances and vocal range.. and rightly so.
    BUT… Celine Dion in my opinion has a greater depth, emotion and POWER in her voice than any singer I have ever heard, she nails every note with near mathematical accuracy and can bring hardened rockers such as myself to near tears of bliss, who cares about the lyrics its the delivery that counts.
    Celine, we love you dont listen to the haters, remember you are perhaps the greatest singer ever.

  4. MONey101 says:

    shut the fuck up u only jealous . she a woman and woman are sensitive it is people like u that drives people to commit suicide shut the fuck up and but out of other peoples business u got know life u have to do crap to get money. when celine could just watch tv and get money in her hands. she dont feel like singing den leave hur alone.

  5. vernon chism says:

    i do not blame celine i like her music

  6. Mike says:

    This article is bias.

    Celine Dion is a legend and if she choose to not perform somewhere then thats her Decision.
    Halifax just wanted a rocker to perform.
    Celine Concert was mega successful,pulling in over 300 million. Halifax lost out! lets see anyone else do that!!!!!!!
    FAce it shes Amazing. and her success is based on raw talent and vocal strength and abilities .
    shes not a head banging rocker that sings about slitting their wrist , nor is she slutty on stage and pulls in hoe cash. shes talented and halifax can kiss my arse

    And another thing .DO PROPER RESEARCH! Her management team dealt with everything , all she knows is that halifax was acting all gay about things. She doesnt bother with the haters.
    It was her teams decision not to allow her to perform there she had no say.
    All she does is sing, she says everything else is taken care of by others.

    When u write bias articles like this you lose Respect from sensible people.But then again you nasty comments and vile thoughts about people puts cash in your pocket. So good luck being a total waste of time and space.

    And another thing….if you hate songs about love and happiness you clearly lack it from your life.You need therapy … try and do some soul searching , maybe learn to snake wrestle or swimming with sharks, something your readers what you to do.

  7. DARK ANGEL says:


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