Courtney Love: "as for radiohead= they didnt jump off a REAL clifff, they bungee jumped you KNOW the kamikaze pilot in me wants to do the same damm thing except with the best material not live material and not what people have heard except as few pieces"

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Yep, that’s verbatim.
Seems the repercussions of Radiohead’s actions aren’t stopping anytime soon. Why, the Radioheads have even gone and infected the poor, befuddled mind of one Ms. Courtney Love.
As our cousins at Tech Digest detail today, Courtney is thinking of following the ‘head’s example and doing something vaguely free-ish and online-y with her new material. Sadly punctuation does not seem to appear on her agenda.

As Kat at TD mentions, this is possibly not the greatest of ideas since her music hasn’t sold especially well in recent years. But then would money be Courtney’s primary goal? After all, she’s selling off chunks of the Nirvana legacy left, right and centre – so this would probably be as much about exposure as anything. And that’s something that’s always proved priceless to Lovey.
Well, whatever, good luck to her. She’s usually fun to have on “the scene” – and if this leads to her performing on a sell-out tour maybe it will leave less time for her blog posts, which read like the kind of thing Frances Bean might have written. When she was in nappies.
[via Tech Digest]

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