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vickyandjulian.jpgEvery time we feature someone on these pages, we like to says things like “by day, Bob is a bank worker, but by night…” and all that. However, our most recent interviewee is something of a mystery, seemingly leading a decadent rock ‘n’ roll life 24 hours a day. Sickeningly, she’s always the belle of the ball, leaving the rest of us looking like dead-beats.
So who is this fair maiden of trash? Well, she goes by the name of Vicky Walker and recently she attended the brilliant All Tomorrows Parties: The Nightmare Before Christmas. Here are her views on the festival.

Kindly tell us your name, age and where you’re from.
I am Vicky of the Walkers, am 27 and I hail from ye olde Whiston town originally but am a token Manc-lite now as have been here almost 11 years.
Which festival have you recently attended?
All Tomorrow’s parties in Minehead Somerset. ‘Twas curated by Portishead.
Have you attended this festival before? If yes, how does this year compare?
I haven’t ever been before but have wanted to. Money was an issue, however I got this ticket due to a friend of mine dropping out and thus it was free so the ticket wouldn’t go to waste. Cool huh?
Which act gave the best performance?
Well I always adore Julian Cope’s performances and it was mighty fine, however I have to say in terms of getting the crowd going and my enjoyment and dance levels it had to be Aphex Twin. He churned out industrial style beats and it was fantastic on both nights! Thurston Moore was my next favourite, he really surprised me. His tunes were brilliant
If you could have promoted one act on the bill to headline status, who would you choose?
I think they made the right decision putting Aphex right at the top. He did a very good job. I would love to have seen Julian on twice though!
Did your opinion of any acts change radically as a result of their performance?
Well I thought Jerry Sadowitz was going to provide a few laughs on our first night and after him firstly changing the venue, the time, and being very, very, very anal about photography and the removal and deletion of ANY photographs (like yeah whatever) he did the worst set imaginable. He was spitting, he was foul about disabled people, he was racist, fattist, abusive to females in the audience, trying to be controversial for controversy’s sake! Not funny like the dear lovely and fantastic John Cooper Clarke (now that’s a genuine comedian) – he was just downright scum. I would recommend everyone to boycott any future performances of his. Scumbag.
Any super surprises and big disappointments?
Nicest surprise was Malcolm Middleton, he was quite chirpy, not like he has been portrayed for his misery in the past. Almost had a wee grin on his face when he sang “we’re all going to die”. Biggest disappointment: as I said, Jerry Sadowitz and also Sparklehorse (it was a very boring and unimaginative set)
What was the best heckle you heard?
Julian Cope introducing his keyboard player – “And here is Mr FUCK ME USA ladies and gentleman”… Cue member of audience: “FUCK MEEEE!”
Any high-quality onstage banter you feel deserves highlighting?
Julian Cope never disappoints in this category. I recorded a few bits including the entire end speech where he spoke of taking mushrooms and going into DH Lawrence’s basement, summoning his spirit and feeling the embarrassment of all his aunts and uncles. Also, he talked about worshiping a god called X.
What was the funniest moment?
Jerry Sadowitz’s horrendously laughable ‘performance’ in an ‘and you actually get paid for this’ type way.
And the weirdest?
Seeing Damo Suzuki (of Can fame) in a wheelchair whilst very inebriated only for him to then be on stage a day later stood up, standing, sans wheelchair!
Any moments of sheer terror you’d like to share?
Walking up the stairs to go and wait for Portishead and seeing Julian Cope with his entourage of ‘Mein Hairies’. My stomach flipped, my retinas detached, I did a small sex wee. It was all terrifying but so incredibly fantastic as well.
Please mark the following elements out of 10…
General facilities:

7/10 Okay apart from the wet patch in my room… seemingly the toilet was leaking. Not good when you are tired, drunk and cold and have nice comfy socks on when you step in it.
Crowd / audience:
7/10 Slightly subdued for a lot of it, maybe it was the cold weather? Mostly a polite and good crowd though, no trouble that I saw or heard of.
Food and drink value for money:
3/10 Too expensive; take plenty of your own food and drink for before you go out, but make sure to hide it well on your person, as bags are checked into the venue. Food-wise – too much stodge, no healthy places to eat. Surely Butlins campers want a healthy meal while they are there in the summer?
Finally – anything else you’d like to mention?
I would recommend this to anyone. It’s not too bad even if you go in a three like I did and the other two don’t wanna do the same things. It’s quite easy to walk around and not feel alone even if nobody talks to you. I’d say a bigger group would be the most fun but it is definitely something I want to do again.

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