Malcolm Middleton's Christmas song for the grinches: "We're All Going To Die"

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middleton.gifI think that next year I’m going to start a campaign to ban the Christmas No.1. Let’s just get rid of it. Then the hightest a single will be able to reach in Christmas week is No.2. Simple.
So, you may have noticed that there’s a slight anti-Christmas music bent to the ol’ Toilet recently. Well, it’s Monday morning, it’s raining, so…
MORE OF THE SAME. Actually, this goes beyond the pale and references misery itself, rather than merely inspiring it. Malcolm Middleton was a member of 90s miserabilists Arab Strap, so it’s nice to see his Christmas song continues in the same vein.

A lot of people – thanks mainly to a Radio 1 campaign – want this to be the Christmas number one, as an antidote to whatever nonsense comes out of the X Factor this year. Perhaps these folk are forgetting how their heart sinks when they hear Gary Jules’ “Mad World”, which served a similar function a few years back but which now provokes instinctive wrist-slashing as soon as its opening bars hit the speakers.
See, I can even be a grinch about miserable Christmas songs!

[video provided by MHARDY100]

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