My Chemical Toilet’s Worst 15 Christmas Songs: Number 3 – Dr. Elmo: “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”

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hearse.gifGrandma didn’t just get run over, either. She died. Yes, it’s that traditional theme for a Christmas song – death of a loved one. But fear not. Despite the family matriarch being found on Christmas morning with “hoof-prints on her forehead” (yes, that’s in the lyrics), this song is rather a jolly little number.
This happy-go-lucky approach to kicking the bucket is emphasised by the video, in which Grandpa the widower can be seen whooping it up with some floozy while everyone else ponders whether to open Granny’s Christmas presents. What a clan.

The video director seems to think the whole death vibe is a bit much, though, and decides to brighten up the family’s day by throwing the now-revived Grandma down the chimney into the lounge. Lovely. Those grandkids are going to need all kinds of therapy.

[video provided by Laughingstockrecords]

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