My Chemical Toilet’s Worst 15 Christmas Songs: Number 4 – Johnny Mathis: “When A Child Is Born”

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johnnymathis.gifI do love reading YouTube comments. You get a real insight into human nature and, sometimes, some guidance as to how to make the world a better place. On that subject, check out this gem, posted on the page for Johnny Mathis’ Christmas crudfest:
“It’s a peaceful song. If it was played more there’d be a lot less trouble in the world.”
Let me tell you something. I can guarantee you that the opposite would be true. The reasons for this you will find over the page.

1. Playing this song more often would have absolutely no effect on the number of wars, murders and whatevers on our planet.
2. It would, in fact, lead me to kill indiscriminately every time I heard it, thereby increasing the number of deaths overall. I can just about contain my homicidal urges if I only hear it a few times at Christmas.
All of which is a roundabout way of saying that I’m not the biggest fan of this particular number. But hey – if you like it, that’s fine. It’s not like I put it in the Top 3.

[video provided by ljpotter]

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