My Chemical Toilet’s Worst 15 Christmas Songs: Number 7 – Kenny G: “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

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kennyg.jpgNo 90s comedy routine was complete without a pop at sax-murderer Kenny G. I seem to remember Bill Clinton giving him his seal of approval, which probably meant most people (OK, I) then imagined Kenny’s saxual tones playing over Oval Office rumpo sessions with interns. Ew.
I could havs picked any one of the G-man’s Christmas crimes really, but this one will do the trick nicely. It turns a lovely little Crimbo ditty into something reminiscent of a “steamy” love scene from an 80s TV movie.

The video director appears to recognise this, and attempts to shoehorn some seasonal flavouring into the clip by having random shots of “It’s A Wonderful Life” pop up here and there. That trick is almost as cynical as this post. Almost.

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