Naughty Rappers: Akon faces charges related to child-chucking – see the video before the lawyers take it down

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akon.gifWell, Wikipedia lists him as an “occasional rapper”, so yes, he counts for our “Naughty Rappers” section.
Following his pesky little encounter with an underage girl in Trinidad earlier this year, Akon currently has a song out named “Sorry, Blame It On Me” in which he apologises for this, that and the other. He may need to release a remix / follow-up shortly, given his new fan-related sticky situation.
It’s alleged that he… he… he threw a kid from the stage into the crowd?! After the kid allegedly threw something at him? And that the kid landed on a woman who is now pressing charges?! Maybe he should consider joining the WWE, they love that kind of stuff.
Naturally, the whole thing was caught on camera, and you can see it over the page.

You might have to crane your neck a bit, but, yes, that is definitely Grammy-nominated superstar Akon removing his fetching white vest, getting his security guard to bring the fan onstage, and then throwing the teenager into a crowd of people.

[via Gigwise]
[video provided by DiamondTomek]

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