Palladium and The Clik Clik among new acts featuring on MySpace's Earwig TV

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palladiumearwig.jpgRemember MySpace? It was like Facebook, but with more garish pages. Well Facebook may be launching a serious threat in the social networking stakes, but MySpace remains streets ahead when it comes to breaking new music.
It has a good record, of course – I hardly need trot out the old stories about how it helped Lily Allen / Arctic Monkeys find success. The perception remains that MySpace is the place for younger folk – and they’re the ones who decide what’s what when it comes to new music. Now they have a new online video thingummy, Earwig TV, which promises to expand on this relationship with “the yoot”.

Earwig TV will act as a singular profile, in which MySpace users can check out live footage, interviews and the like from specially selected artists tipped to be big in 2008. Apparently the Earwig bigwigs will also consider unsigned acts – and since MySpace gets 10 million monthly unique users (almost as many as My Chemical Toilet, cough) that’s some hefty exposure.
Here I was going to embed the video featuring nouveau pop ponces Palladium, but it seems their footage is just too hot to, um, work. So instead have a looksie at The Clik Clik, whose bleepy, Hadouken!-esque missives are all the more impressive for the fact that their combined age is just seven-and-a-half years. You can also see them spilling tea and surfing bread baskets. It’s a young person’s game, alright.
The Clik Clik

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