The best of 2007 according to Pitchfork, Stereogum, Rolling Stone

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arcadefire.gifPeople say that porn makes up like a gazillion percent of the traffic on this dear old internet of ours, but I reckon end-of-year music blog lists must run it pretty close. I’m not complaining – if stuff passes you by during the year, Christmas can be a good time to catch up on what you’ve missed, since you can be sure there are plenty of spods out there willing to tell you what you should have been listening to.
Pitchfork is still the biggie, really. As usual, they’ve got a juicy Top 100 Tracks Of 2007 list for you to wade through, along with links to places you can hear said tunes. I spent an unnatural time on their list last year, and will probably do the same this.

While Pitchfork can be teeth-grindingly hip most of the time, their end-of-year summaries allow you to cut through much of the crap and get straight to the music. You can also see their Top 50 Albums Of 2007, plus the individual favourites of their esteemed / loathed individual writers. I won’t spoil the surprises by telling you who won what, but all of your favourite / overexposed indie heroes are present and correct.
As previously reported here, Stereogum opened their end-of-year voting to you, the great unwashed. Well, the results are now up, so you can see if your attempt to get Peter Andre included “for a laugh” was successful. (Clue: it wasn’t.) Stereogum also have an extremely dedicated reader who has thoughtfully provided MP3s containing all of Pitchfork’s Top 100 Tracks, which I’m sure is 100% legal and above board.
For sniffy responses to the end-of-year lists at Billboard, NME, Rolling Stone, Blender, etc, I’d recommend you check out Idolator, who have dedicated a category to all these shenanigans.

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