My Chemical Toilet’s Top 15 Worst Christmas Songs: Number 6 – Boney M: “Mary’s Boy Child”

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OK, let me just say that our image library says that the above picture is of Boney M, but I’ll leave you to check out the video over the page and see if you can spot any of the same people in it. I think we may be talking about wholesale singer replacement here.
Afros with partings look kind of weird, don’t they? So do floating faces and hands, which is kind of how the video looks like at times, thanks to the white cloak things against white backdrop. A braver man than I once made a joke about how nobody ever sees black ghosts; this video gives an idea of how it would look if you did.

Anyway, if you’ve escaped Boney M’s delights up until now you’ve done pretty well, and have obviously never attended an Argos staff Christmas party in South Wales. This rendering of Harry Belaphonte’s “classic” goes on and on, even morphing into a completely different song by the end. I think we can learn from this particular version that reggae-lite and Christmas songs probably aren’t the best bedfellows. But then what do I know, this piece of aural sputum went and sold by the stable-load.
I will just give a few little “props” to the guy in Boney M, who is determined to throw some funky shapes throughout the video. And when he’s not doing that, he just looks bored. No inbetween with this fella.
Come back next week as we enter – duhn duhn DUHHHHN – the TOP 5 Worst Christmas Songs.

[video provided by discoladen]

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  1. marxthespot says:

    you must be under 30 and don;t get it…I am agnostic, but still like this song…Not for the “Jesus” references, but for the beauty of it…I also like Lady Ga GA and U2…. I think Bono is also a Boney M fan….Hmmm….

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