An open letter to anyone who spent the week after Christmas downloading Leon Jackson's "When You Believe" onto their new MP3 player

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I mean, REALLY?
According to The Guardian, “almost three million tracks were downloaded in the UK in the week between Christmas and the New Year”, with L-Jack’s pooey little mouth-dribble proving the most popular choice.
People, come on. You got a shiny new piece of “kit”. You went onto the internet. You thought – did you think at all? Hmm? – about what to download. From the internet. Where pretty much all of the music in the world is kept. Millions of songs. Krillions, even.
And it was STILL Leon Jackson you went for? As if you were still in Woolies, choosing one CD from the Top 40? COME ON NOW.

I have nothing against this little boy per se, although if Available For Panto say he’s rubbish you can pretty much take it as gospel. My “beef” – and make no mistake, it is a “beef” – is that people, their brains perhaps sodden with too much eggnog, can be so goshdarn unimaginative.’Twas ever thus, I suppose, but with so much choice out there today it just beggars buggering belief.
Also – you’ve ruined his life, you know. You think he’s going to have a successful career now? Pshahahaha! It’s all downhill from here, you fools! He’s far too fragile to handle the big old world of pop. Shane Ward can handle himself. Will Young, behind that lisp, is full of steely determination. And Leona Lewis bleeds actual love and yet still manages to maintain a successful career.
But what of the others? Gates? Brookstein? I fear Leo Jacks is doomed to join them in a downward spiral to the dumper. And it’s your fault. I hope you’re happy.
PS: For the best reality TV coverage from someone actually paid to watch it, check out Available For Panto

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