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One-Hit Wonderful, Video

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Soho-Hippychick.jpgSoho were, in essence, a pop trio, but most notably, Soho featured twin sisters Jacqui Cuff and Pauline Cuff. They hit it big with their baggy anthem, Hippy Chick which landed fully formed in the Top 10 in the early 90s. On first listen, you may find yourself going ‘hang on!’… that’s because the ditty features a heavy sample of The Smiths‘ “How Soon Is Now?” sequenced over a Soul II Soul rhythm.
Hippy Chick was one of the big tunes played at the legendary Spike Island gig by The Stone Roses, which cemented it in the hearts of the baggy acid-teds. In true one-hit wonder style, the group vanished from the face of the earth after the single dipped out of view… so… let’s roll back the years and give it another spin. There’s a nice video over the jump taken from the great lost pop programme, The Chart Show… check out those graphics!

[video: apislapis]

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