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Sonic Stereotypes

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IDM%20geek.jpgJust scraped through A-Level Biology, smoked weed through uni, bought some web designer Joe90 specs and spend all your time on Soulseek downloading the next Venetian Snares? You are an IDM fanboy. IDM fans (all blokes, as women like to shake it – and you can’t shake it to IDM), are all fiercely proud of their choice of computer (be it Windows or Mac) and spend time kicking up stinks on tech forums whilst listening to ferocious electronica which, like feeding hot bolts to a pit-bull terrier, only fuels their ire. Of course, to do it in real life is another matter… you’d have to leave the house, for one thing.

IDM, or Intelligent Dance Music (hurl), is designed by, and for, those who aren’t funky enough to shake it or brave enough to hang with the rough kids. It’s awkward enough to be something only a ‘select’ few can dig. Of course, deep down, they appreciate the maths of the music as opposed to the soul, which sees them being afraid of black music, but liking IDM that derives from dancehall or rap. They yearn for a club that plays IDM, and which is full of cool, like-minded people… But the reason that IDM nights die on their arse is because IDemmers never leave the house and probably illegally download the nights that do go on anyway, thus losing the artists’ they love money. Ain’t life a bitchorz?

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