The Parlophone Laughing Record – scaring listeners since 1925

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parlophone_large.gifWe all know someone who always bangs on about how music was so much better back in the olden days before computers started programming robots to rap into Pro-tools iPods, or however it is music is made in the 21st century.
Over the page you will find proof that people who say such things are a) silly over-generalisers, and b) twats. OK, b) may be a little harsh, but tell me this – who, in this day and age, would record and release a record full of increasingly maniacal laughter? OK, Aphex Twin would. But who else?
“The Parlophone laughing record” – that’s what it’s called on YouTube, which makes it more or less fact – apparently dates back to 1925, and perhaps shows what a world approaching global depression sounds like. If EMI release something similar this year, you know it’s time to stock up on canned goods.
Check out the hysterics over the page…

[video: 78Man]

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