Missy Elliott needs your help naming her new album. Also, her new video requires placing coloured plastic over your eyes

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missy elliottYou. What are you doing? Right now. What are you doing right now? Well whatever the hell it is – and I can assure you I don’t *actually* care – STOP IT. PUT IT DOWN. TURN IT OFF. LOCK IT UP.
Why? Because a popstar demands your help, that’s why. Poor Missy Elliott (not sure if she’s still using the “Misdemeanor” bit) is without a title for her new album, which is called- Oh yeah. I see.
You’d think she might have folk around her to help with this kind of stuff, right? Fear not, she’s merely opening up the process to you, the fanz. And if your suggestion is chosen not only do you get a credit on the album, which is called – DAMMIT, I keep forgetting that! – but you also win something called an “Adidas – Respect Me prize pack”. Golly. I wonder if that includes any sportswear at all.
Find out how to enter the competition after the jump.

If you want to start bombarding Missy with suggestions, head on over to her site, which you can find here. Don’t be alarmed by the eyeball-warping image, either – it’s in 3D, which is the latest thing, don’t you know. Missy’s latest video, for the slightly underwhelming “Ching-A-Ling”, was also made in 3D and got its premiere on TRL the other day, see. Apparently it’s the first music video ever to be made in 3D, which I find frankly astounding. Weren’t movies being made in 3D back in the 50s??
Anyway, having watched the vid on YouTube through 3D glasses, I can confirm that 3D internet video amazingness may be a few years off yet. Watch it with / without sweet wrappers over your pupils below.

[video: AmericanIdol72008]
[via SOHH.com]

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