Pete Bennett from Big Brother 7 is a "Cosmonaut", has a Star Wars outfit

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bennet.gifThere he is, look. Pete. Forgot about him, hadn’t you? Well, him and his friend The Lovedogs have a new song out. Like most things that go into your ears these days, it’s about drugs. In fact, at one point, Pete decides to share with us that he is “off (his) f*cking face”. That’s nice for him, isn’t it? The song is an appropriately frenetic piece of poppy dance stuff, with plenty of that gurning we all love / loathe / forgot existed.
On a side note, don’t you think Pete looks rather a lot like Crazy Frog? Dressed as Luke Skywalker in his X-Wing outfit? Someone, somewhere, will be getting sexually excitable at that fantasy, I guarantee it. For that reason I will not post the video here.
You can, however, watch the whole high-spirited romp over at our Reality TV cousins, Available for Panto. And if you’re the frog-fancying perv, tell them about it. I don’t want to know.

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