Sonic Stereotypes: Bad dancers

Sonic Stereotypes

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bad_dancer.jpgEver seen someone on a dancefloor gettin’ their rocks off with all the co-ordination of an ostrich on a see-saw? Did you laugh at their bad dancing skills? Did you chuckle at their complete lack of shame? Well, you shouldn’t be laughing at these people… you should applaud them with thunderous rapture.
The bad dancer may not be able to jive, may not know what lindy-hopping is, hell, they might have never even have heard what BPM means. It doesn’t matter. No-one likes someone who can really dance. They’re annoying. They take it too seriously. They should move outta the way and let the bad dancers take up the floor. Without inhibitions and rhythm, the bad dancer loves to git down and don’t care ’bout watchu think. And that’s the way it should be. It’s not about posing and posturing. It’s about having fun with wild abandon.

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