Sonic Stereotypes – The bloke dragged by his mates

Sonic Stereotypes

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ker-rowd.jpgEvery time you go to a gig, or even a club, chances are there’ll be one bloke there, having a pint and smiling politely. He’s not hating the experience… it’s just not really his thing. Whilst everyone else gets their rocks off, he usually ends up minding the coats. Of course, these people aren’t always sat around politely grinning. Sometimes they join in. Sometimes they provide comedy gold.
I’ve DJ’d for years, and quite often ‘Bloke Dragged Along By Mates’ sits getting pissed, then when the beer has kicked in, he dances with wild abandon. In fact, he dances with such abandon that you think that someone has reprogrammed him but forgotten to put the coordination bit back in. Then, hammered, he comes up to you, foaming at the mouth yelling “I’m not rreally incho this (hic) shtuff… but av had a rreaally good… night… ch… (does sicky burp)…eers man.” And with that, he’s off into the night searching a kebab and a lamp post to dance with.

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