Ten Things We Learned From The Brits 2008 That We Already Knew

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1. Having the biggest-selling pop single of the year is no guarantee of Brits success, as Leona Lewis discovered
2. Having the best pop single of the year is no guarantee of Brits success, as Rihanna discovered
3. If you open the voting for Best Single to the great unwashed, Housewives’ Choice will win, as Take That discovered
4. You don’t need to be particularly British, or a singer, or a proper solo artist, or make an album of original material to win Best British male, as Mark Ronson discovered

5. You don’t need to have been around more than five minutes to win a Critics’ Choice Award, as Adele discovered
6. Having the most critically-acclaimed album of the year doesn’t guarantee you squat, as Arcade Fire discovered
7. Breaking all the record industry’s rules will mean no Brits love whatsoever for you, as Radiohead discovered
8. If you’ve been around long enough you’ll beat more worthy contenders for a couple of gongs, as Foo Fighters discovered
9. You can be cheeky, drunken wee scamps, and go dressed as Ralph from The Fast Show, and still waltz off with a couple of awards, as Arctic Monkeys discovered
10. Ozzy Osbourne is best kept away from the mic when it comes to live TV; and Sharon Osbourne is one persistently horny middle-aged lady, as Brits organisers and TV viewers discovered

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