The Greatest Song in the World This Week: Mark Ronson ft Alex Greenwald – "Just"

The Greatest Song In The World This Week

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Mark Ronson
is nothing more than a pesky meddler. It is amazing that one man has managed to build such a reputation (and, no doubt, bank balance) by messing with other people’s music. But then where’s the harm in that, eh? Music is all about the sharing, caring, and rehashing of other people’s ideas, is it not? Mark Ronson has just been clever enough to tap into a less subtle, more lucrative version of what every artist since Elvis has been shamelessly doing. Did Winehouse really coin that vocal style? Are the Arctic Monkeys’ razor-edged guitar riffs really their own? I think not.
Amid the furor of the Brit Awards, peddler of the cover version Ronson has this week released a cover of Radiohead’s “Just”, from 1995′s angst-music defining classic The Bends, featuring the smooth vocals of Phantom Planet’s Alex Greenwald.

Radiohead’s “Just”, marks a definitive point in Radiohead’s career as rock legends, and a lot of people, including myself, hold that track rather dearly; but it is always interesting to hear such a familiar song covered, especially if the cover offers us an entirely new take on it.
Ronson has certainly achieved this. Swapping the jagged acoustic guitars that open the track for a jazzy, undistorted electric riff, before then throwing in a load of horns, the track goes from being rocky and moody a la Radiohead, to being all lounge room.
If Radio 1 hasn’t already already overplayed it to the point where you can’t stand to hear it any longer – or you are in fact clever enough to not listen to Radio 1 at all – here it is….

[video: neave]

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