Will.i.am's Barack Obama campaign video shows worthiness and cringeworthiness still go hand-in-hand

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will.i.am.gifApparently there’s rather a large popularity contest going on across the pond. Whatever you think of mixing music and politics, the chances were always there that Barack Obama would inspire some well-meaning musos to hop on his bandwagon – and so it has come to pass.
Yep, Bazza Obama is now a truly legitimate candidate because he’s got a bunch of over-sincere celebs to appear in what may be the most toe-curling music video you’ll see this year.
Steel yourself and check it out over the page.

Set to one of Obama’s speeches, Will.i.am and some other folk pluck guitars and croon the same words as Barack says them. Sounds confusing, but you’ll get it once you watch it. Then you’ll feel like you need a good scrub.
People spotted getting their earnestness on:
- Common
- Little Ashley from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air
- The ever-smug John Legend, in a smug cardigan constructed entirely from smugness
- Scarlett Johanssen not trying to reposition herself as a singer as she preps her debut solo album
- The lead ass-shaker from Pussycat Dolls
- Some dudes from Lost and Prison Break

[video: WeCan08]

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