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The “heard them first” approach to music is more prominent now than ever, with magazines, TV shows and of course dozens of music blogs out there telling you what you should / shouldn’t be listening to (hi!). Now, as you’re obviously currently casting your eye over the BESTESTESTEST music blog in the interverse, you know what’s what. But how can you broadcast your superiority, short of jamming your iPod earphones into the heads of passing strangers?

That’s where this achingly arch t-shirt comes in. It’s going cheap at Threadless right now, though you know loads of hipsters are probably all over it already, and by the time you receive it there’ll be an updated version stating something like “My t-shirt is more hip and ironic than yours”. What? That t-shirt already exists and I’ve made myself look less hip than ever? Sigh.
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  1. London says:

    Keefer Kravitz IS the Nerd of Soul !

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