Rave Digging: Altern 8 – "Activ 8" (plus bonus vintage news report)

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It’s interesting to remember just how dangerous the whole rave thing seemed when it first came to widespread attention. It was so feared that the Sunday People had an Acid Rave Correspondent, for goodness’ sake! Don’t believe me? Check out the report on the phenomenon from 1988, below. Then click over and see boiler-suited loons Altern8′s “Activ-8″ from a few years later, showing that not only was the rave scene not going away, but it was fully intent on messing up your beloved Top 40.

[video: Mayhemdog]

[video: WhiteLightPictures]

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  1. Isabelle says:

    That Altern8 video makes me feel like I’ve just done some bad drugs. At 10.30 am on a Wednesday that’s not such a good feeling.

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