Rave Digging: Liquid – "Sweet Harmony"

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I’m pretty sure Liquid’s “Sweet Harmony” has been remixed and / or re-released every other year since it originally appeared in 1992. Maybe that’s my mind playing tricks on me though – it could be one of those hands-in-the-air classics that’s always just been around. If you’ve had a heavy weekend and you’re trying your hardest to hold onto the fast-receding memories, this one might put a smile on your face. Or make you weep at the fact that it’s Monday again. Um…

[video: xaddictedtobassx]

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  1. mofgimmers says:

    Keep an eye out for a naked Tess Daly in this very video.

  2. mofgimmers says:

    Or, alternatively, remember the right track ‘n’ video next time… Tess Daly of course, appears nudey in Sweet Harmony by Beloved

  3. Hardcore Master says:

    Liquid ‘Sweet Harmony’ is a classic Oldskool Hardcore tune,all time classic Hardcore Anthem and all time classic Hardcore track that was remixed in HARDCORE 2007 THE Nu skool Breaks version

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