Sonic Stereotypes: The Tall Man blocking your view

Sonic Stereotypes

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tall_man.jpgNow, I’m a pretty tall bloke. 6 foot and 4 inches to be precise. However, I’ve developed this slump, so when I go to gigs people can still watch the band. However, not all lankies are that considerate. Some of them are evil enough to grow big hair or wear big hats.
Of course, anyone of average or below average height is guaranteed to see nothing but silhouette, which is a bit rubbish if you’ve paid a tenner upwards to watch your fave band. Now, being a long streak of urine meself, I don’t understand why more tall people don’t have a bit of consideration. Stand down the flanks or crouch a bit. Fair enough, you’re a tall strapping lad… but one of these days, someone will tilt you at a gig and you’ll have further to fall than everyone else.

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