Sonic Stereotypes: Too drunk… Too Early

Sonic Stereotypes

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epint.jpgMost people who go to a gig like to have a couple of pints. I mean, it takes the edge off any embarrassment you might have about your dancing. Beer and rock ‘n’ roll are great bedfellows. However, at a gig, there’s always someone who treats it like a sesh down the boozer. Yep, there he is, down the front, spilling his pint/guts all over some 16 year-old…
These people can’t possibly remember the gigs they go to. I’ve seen blokes so twisted that they’ve accidentally created their own wreckin’ ring because they’ve thrown up over themselves. Of course, people can do what they like, but I always scratch my head because, well, just go to the pub instead surely? They don’t charge you

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