Sonic Stereotypes: Trustafarians

Sonic Stereotypes

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trustafarian.jpgOh man. Nothing gets my goat quite like a Trustafarian. Trustafarians, usually seen at reggae club nights, or watching some live drum n’bass, can easily be identified by the fact that they have dreadlocks, are white and possibly wear trousers made from hemp. What sets them apart from other kinds of ‘farians is the fact that they’re from very middle class homes and are going on an eco-war with the help of daddy’s trust fund.
As wealthy as these Trustafarians are, they can oft be seen hovering around someone making a roll-up, and then, with like, totally groovy vibes, asking for one. You should ALWAYS say no to these spoiled bozos. They can afford a plantation of tobacco plants, so a small pouch of Drum (the yellow one of course) shouldn’t set them back too much. These little trust-funders might be skanking to some socially conscious world music / hip-hop now… but they’ll be working in insurance before they’re 30. Avoid these charlatans like the plague.

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