The Greatest Song in the World This Week: 'She's Lost Control' – Joy Division

The Greatest Song In The World This Week

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joy division.jpgDespite having the attention span of a hyperactive monkey, I recently managed to focus for over two hours and watched Anton Corbijn’s biopic of Ian Curtis, ‘Control’. As well as thoroughly enjoying this interesting and highly moving depiction of the rise and sudden fall of Joy Division, my ears were opened to a classic band that I had not really given much time to in the past.
My neglect of Joy Division has nothing to do with not liking their music, but more the fact that they are one of those bands that I knew were a classic, that I would probably really like, but have been all too absorbed in acoustic affairs and the anticipation of Alanis Morissette’s new album to make any time for them. How foolish I have been.
‘She’s Lost Control’, a song inspired by Ian Curtis witnessing a girl having an epileptic fit, a disease that Curtis himself suffered, encapsulates everything that is amazing about Joy Division.

Firstly, the synthetic beat of the drums, the electronic undertones, the repetitive, basic guitar riff and Curtis’s deep, musically monotonous vocals, combine magically to make a sound so distinct it could not be any other band.
Secondly, the combination of all the above creates a sound so atmospheric that you experience every twinge of despair Curtis feels as he projects his own sense of loss of control onto the girl about which he sings. The ability to represent a mood through music like this is a mark of true genius.
So if you have not already welcomed Joy Division into your musical lives, waste no more time!

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