Coldplay to give away music, performances in exchange for your love

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chris_martin_coldplay.gifClearly SHAKEN by the recent finding that they’re the dullest band on the planet, Coldplay are launching an all-out offensive aimed at winning/retaining the love of you, the illegally downloading record-buying public.
Good news for anyone who actually likes scrawly-handed Martin and his mates, then. They’ll be playing a free show at Brixton Academy on 16th June, and another at Madison Square Garden on 23rd June. If you head over to now-ish you should be able to find details of how to obtain tickets.
And that’s not all.

If you head over to again (or, er, just leave it open from the first time you visited), you will, from this very day, be able to download the track “Violet Hill” from their forthcoming album Vida La Vida. It’s only available for a week though, so if you’re on dial-up you might want to kick off that download asappy.
I hereby predict some heavy focus on user-generated content for the rest of the album’s life-cycle. Fan videos? Fan-designed t-shirts? Fan-sewn stage costumes? We await with baited breath.

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