Hadouken! think Glasto might just be a bit middle class

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Hadouken-group.jpgHadouken! are a band that look like they’ve been stripped naked, covered in glue and dragged through a jumble sale. Yes. They’re appallingly dressed humans. Not only that, they’ve got a theory about the muted response to Glastonbury ticket sales.
Talking to Gigwise, they reckon that Glasto has lost its buzz because of the people who attend, rather than the ticket price, temperamental weather and botchulism burgers. Frontman James Smith sez: “Glastonbury is a bit of a middle class schmooze with Kate Moss look-alikes trying to look their best in Ugg Boots.” Although, with one eye on the career, he added; “It is the king of festivals, so if we were to do it, that would be fantastic.”

He also said that it wasn’t the headliners’ fault for Glastonbury not selling out, but the combination of the three being too varied. “I wouldn’t say it is any of those particular headliners, I think it’s a combination of those acts not appealing to a certain person. I don’t think the person who wants to go see the Friday night will maybe want to go see hip-hop on a Saturday night.”
If that’s true, it’s a sorry state of affairs as people should be into all kinds of music. Variety is the spice of life after all. Although, in saying that, when I’ve been to Glasto, everyone has been pretty much up for anything. Anyway, Hadouken! also confirmed their appearance at Bestival this summer and revealed they ‘might’ be doing Reading and Leeds, likely waiting for the confirmation from festival organisers.

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