I Don't Like Them As Much As I'm Supposed To: Joy Division

I Don't Like Them As Much As I'm Supposed To

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Yeah. I geddit. Joy Division are really influential. I know. Stop going on about it. Just about every two-bit schmindie band around at the moment seems to be parping on about their love for Joy Division. No wonder. Joy Division are great. Hang on… isn’t this supposed to be ‘I Don’t Like Them As Much As I’m Supposed To’?

Thing is, with every shit-slinger and his dog prattling on about Joy Division, it’s made me turn away from their entire back catalogue. Don’t worry. I’ll go back to it in time, I just need everyone to stop talking about it. Y’see, Joy Division fall into the special rock ‘n’ roll place that is also enjoyed by Nick Drake, Kurt Cobain and every other introverted singer who topped ‘emself. Ian Curtis, along with the other choir invisible, is not so much a dead singer, more, a martyr to rock ‘n’ roll.
Ian Curtis wasn’t exactly a flawed genius. Of course, some of his records are brilliant, but then again, the Bee Gee’s 1st is an amazing LP. The main difference in quality control is the width of a noose. Nope, Curtis voted Tory (and all the baggage that comes with it) and continually cheated on his wife. He was violent and cruel… but still… little schmucks in Joy Division t-shirts really get his pain… maaaaan.
Of course, what came after Joy Division was New Order, which haven’t been canonised in the same way at all, making me think that many fans see some faux-glamour in Curtis which simply doesn’t exist in a band that are still very much alive and well. This fawning over Ian Curtis and a band that, at best, created one LP’s worth of real genius, is making me grind my teeth to dust.

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