Lost In Translation: Forbes sing 'Beatles'

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I don’t speak Swedish. Sometimes I wish I did. Now is one of those times, as I’d like to know exactly what the lyrics to Forbes’ Eurovision flop, ‘Beatles’ are. You can only assume it’s something like “The Beatles are really good. They’ve sold a lot of records. They had great facial hair toward the end of their career. Yeah yeah yeah.” Either way, this was the Swedish entry in ’77 and mustered up a weedy deux points. Have a listen to discover why.
[video: sims111]

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  1. Wogew says:

    Beatles gave us their music
    Oh, how swell “Yesterday” was
    Everyone loved that melody
    Yeah yeah yeah…
    When records arrived we were alerted
    The Gramophone was going so fast, it heated up
    Everybody fell for the charm of The Beatles
    Yeah yeah yeah…
    A lot of people went about humming
    “A Hard Day’s Night” even though they were young
    Granddad’s dad can give you an answer to who they were
    Beatles, Beatles
    The wolrd was a huge highway
    where we were all standing, row after row
    Enjoying every nice ballad
    Yeah yeah yeah…
    Beatles gave us their music
    Girls were screaming wild
    We still have all the records
    We’ll remember Ringo Starr
    And George and Paul and John
    (several verses are then repeated)

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