Naughty Rappers: Vanilla Ice arrested for domestic abuse

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vanilla_ice_.jpgIt hardly seems fair on the world of hip hop to call Vanilla Ice a rapper. However, as there’s no other genre to stick him in (printable genres at least), rap will have to do. And with that, seeing as he’s been a naughty boy, I can tell you all about his antics that have landed him in jail in our Naughty Rappers section.
Vanilla Ice had been arrested in connection with beating his wife. It’s all alleged at the moment. For legal reasons, I’ve underlined it. His wife, Laura Van Winkle, called police claiming that Vanilla, or the Robert Matthew Van Winkle as his doctor knows him, was kicking and hitting her at their Palm Beach County home. Ice was taken in after the domestic battery allegations were made.

Apparently, the alleged incident happened when Ice began arguing with his wife after she bought a new bathroom set without his permission. Laura Van Winkle told police they had been arguing since Wednesday and that she wanted to divorce the star. A deputy’s report shows that Mrs Van Winkle, who was not injured in the alleged fracas, has now told police that her husband had pushed her and had not kicked her. He also waxed a chump like a candle. That is certain.
Well, since all that, Vanilla has been released from jail following his arrest. The 39-year-old was freed after appearing in court, and his agent, Tommy Quon, said he had not heard about the arrest and could not comment.
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