Rave Digging: SL2 – "Way In My Brain"

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SL2_way_in_my_brain.gifIf you’re familiar with SL2 at all, it’s probably more for “On A Ragga Tip” than this number. But as good as that was, I always preferred “Way In My Brain”. Always seemed a bit more jaunty, if early 90s breakbeat rave can be described as such without inviting ridicule. It can’t? Cuh.
SL2 featured legendary DJ Matt “Slipmatt” Nelson, who I was all set to see at some bar in Canterbury once, but he never showed up. Crushing it was, at the time. Pretty sure I caught him at Bagleys some other time, although my memory of the occasion is hazy, to put it mildly. Anyway, time to flail your arms around before putting them in the air for the piano bit, I reckon…

[video: thedjslipmatt]

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  1. mofgimmers says:

    I think most acid-teds would remember SL2 for their breakbeat monster ‘DJs Take Control’. A masterpiece!

  2. mofgimmers says:

    Come to think of it, I can’t bear ‘Way In My Brain’ as it made a car-wreck of Wayne Smith’s ‘Under Me Sleng Teng’ (perhaps the greatest digital reggae track ever made?)

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