Sebastien Tellier to sing Eurovision entry in French

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Sebastian+Tellier.jpgThere’s been quite a row over Sebastien Tellier’s Eurovision Song Contest entry. Wogan predicted a stink and he was right, as the fact it was to be sung mainly in English became a matter for French parliament. Absolument incroyable! Well, Tellier has backed down (in a row that never really saw him square up) and has now promised to add some French lyrics to his Eurovision performance of ‘Divine.’
Minister Alain Joyandet previously opined: “When one has the honour of being selected to represent France, one sings in French.” So what does the Gallic groover have to say about the matter?

In a radio interview, Tellier says that although he feels that the furore has been a bit over the top he will change the song to please the public. He said: “The baguette won’t taste any worse tomorrow morning if I sing in English. I’m not going to fight it. I just want to please people.”
Tellier also pointed out that he was never asked by France-3, the station which nominated the entry, to put forward a French song. “If I had been asked to do a song expressly for Eurovision, I clearly would have done something in French. If it makes everyone happy, of course I’ll make an effort (to sing in French). I’m not dense.”
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