Sebastien Tellier's "Divine" up for Number One, Eurovision Song Contest, FA Cup

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Given that any track available for download is eligible for entry to the chart, it’s not unreasonable to presume that Sebastien Tellier’s “Divine” might be number one in the near future.
Why? Well there’s the fact it’s a great tune, which tends to help in these matters. Then there’s the publicity it’s going to get from being chosen as France’s entry into The Eurovision Song Contest. And now the cherry on top – a very MTV-friendly (or more likely The Hits/TMF/The Box-friendly) video featuring slightly wacky green-screen surfing and jacuzzi antics.
All of which begs the question – how can this song not win Eurovision? T’would be a travesty! Check out the video over the page.

[video: RecordMakers]

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