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Sonic Stereotypes

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metal fans.jpgThere’s two things that I find almost universally true about 80s metalheads. Firstly, they’re a lot nicer than you think. Secondly, they like things that aren’t 80s metal. As prejudices go, my metal one matches Mugabe’s for, well, all humans. I’ve scoffed at their daft hair, sniggered at their skin tight levy 501′s and tittered at their penchant for capped sleeved vest things. However, years ago, a fan of all things guitar solo and hairspray pates, changed my head as I found he loved gardening, BMXing and generally chatting rubbish whilst getting plastered. However, there are some poodle-rockers that live up to everything your prejudged.

There’s a pub in Manchester (which will remain nameless) which is a rockers pub. Outside, you’ll only find one of two things – motor bikes and people passed out from drinking cider. There’s nothing wrong with that at all… but sometimes, this might be the case first thing on a Monday morning. Uh-huh. 80s metal does seem to have a large number of alcoholics in tow. Still, if you don’t see the problem with that, then you’ll probably join in with my slight embarrassment for them when you see them hamming up their rock ‘n’ roll-ness.
Throw on a copy of ‘I Was Made For Loving You Baby’ by Kiss or maybe something by Megadeath (a real man’s Metallica) and watch these men roll back the years by producing devil horned hands, flicking back their bleach battered locks and rocking out like, cuz I’m totally a rocker man. I love seeing people who have failed to grow up gracefully… in fact… it’s one of my favourite things… but seeing some feller with skin tights trews on and a vest, with fingerless black leather gloves trying to get off with a woman who looks like Cher…
…no thanks.

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  1. kirsi says:

    i love metal

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