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peanuts.gifSome people don’t go into record shops very often, but when they do, it’s not simply to buy records. Hell no. What is this? HMV? No. Sometimes, people go in wanting answers. Now, most people’s questions are along the lines of “I’ve heard this record on the telly and it goes…” but some people go in with their problems. On one occasion, I recall a lady coming in to buy a hooded top for her son… but she had reservations.

Lady (to Record Shop Staff) – “I need a hooded top with [insert band name here] for my son. Although, I’m slightly worried about him. He’s listening to heavy metal”
Record Shop Staff – “Worried?”
Lady – “Yes. He’s listening to all that death music… but he’s a clever lad. He’s always on his computer… but I’m worried.”
RSS – “Worried? He sounds alright to me. He’ll grow out of it. Anyway, better than him being a scally who likes trance or something eh?”
Lady – “Do you think he’s taking drugs?”
And so it went on. Now, this isn’t an uncommon thing. Sometimes, concerned parents only have people in record shops as a link to the outside world. These people are usually devout Christians, worrying about the Satanic nature of the pop. I suppose they have good reason to worry, but surely, asking a surly record shop worker isn’t too clever? I know if I worked in a record shop, I’d be thinking ‘Hello! Sales!’

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