Barry Cox as Gok Pak-Wing: the Liverpudlian Canto-Pop star

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barry_cox.gifHow far would you go to be a popstar? Would you put yourself through X Factor auditions? Would you star in, and subtly release to the tabloids, your own sex tape? Would you learn Chinese, move to China, and become a Canto-Pop singer?
That’s what this guy, Barry Cox, from Liverpool, has done. It’s a pretty big commitment, and this mini-doc from doesn’t really tell us how successful he’s been as “Gok Pak-Wing”, but when you see someone make this much effort to chase their dream you can’t help but wish them good luck. Keep an ear out next time you go out for a Chinese – that might be Bazza crooning away as you sip your green tea…
Check out his story over the page.


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