Can You Gig It?: The Wombats/I Was A Cub Scout @ Bristol Academy, 05.05.08

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the_wombats_gig.gifClare Joslin, My Chemical Toilet‘s resident Hoosiers defender, went to see The Wombats the other night. Here she shares what she thought of the perky Anglo-Norwegian Liverpudlians…
How did you rate the venue?
Great. It’s big enough to fit everyone in and put on big artists, but open enough for everyone to see – unless you choose to stand behind the barriers by the bar. But if you do that’s up to you, isn’t it.

What were the crowd like?
Young and brightly-coloured, very excitable and rather prone to a good pogo-ing. Ah, the energy of youth…
Was the support act any good or did it send you to the bar?
Why yes, I Was A Cub Scout did a super bit of danceable synth-pop. The crowd loved them and so did I -they made me feel all smiley inside.
Bar – rip-off or value for money?
Not too painful, but you could do better.
Venue staff – nice or nasty?
Generally nice except for the grizzly bouncer who fetched management to check if I had permission to be interviewing (which I didn’t – tee hee!).
Toilets – swilling with piss, or spick and span?
Sticky and uninspiring.
Highlight / lowlight of show?
The a capella ‘Tales of Girls, Boys and Marsupials’ song was shockingly good in the flesh – such sweet harmonies. For me, realising that the last song just had to be “Let’s Dance To Joy Division” (my guilty pleasure) was also rather spiffing, particularly as the crowd went bonkers for it.

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  1. Clare says:

    Hoosiers defender??! You swine!!! They gave me tourbus beer and said nice things – how can I be mean after such kindness?!!

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