Is your Video Life more interesting than Idiot Toys' Gary Cutlack? Then you could win


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If you’re anything like me – or, in fact, any of the new media nerdoratti that makes up Shiny Media – you’ll be pretty into your online video. Whether it’s shooting drunken escapades and flinging them onto Facebook to embarrass your (ex-)friends, or entering some of the many contests you can find on YouTube, these days the shooting, editing and watching of video online plays an increasing part in people’s leisure time.
Why, even bona fide internet superstars are a bit obsessed with it. Take Gary Cutlack, the special boy behind Idiot Toys and UK Resistance, and writer for Tech Digest. Below is Gary’s portrait of his video life.
Why not tell us what your video life entails? Just shoot a video and send it in, basically, and you’re in with a pretty decent shot at winning either some, TopShop or Nike vouchers to the tune of

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