Sigur Ros: I Don't Like Them As Much As I'm Supposed To

I Don't Like Them As Much As I'm Supposed To, Music News

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sigur-ros.gifSing yowly hosannahs! Sigur Ros’s new album will contain a song sung in English.
Big woop. For me, it’s too little too late. With the much-worshipped Icelandic squeakers having spent years gurgling away in their precious little made-up language, I lost interest a long time ago. Am I the only one who thinks “Snow Patrol fronted by Pingu”?
I know that their songs can be uplifting, touching, poignant. And using non-lyrics allows people to project whatever they like onto the songs meaning-wise. But is this not… well, cheating?
Not for the Ros any of that sweating over poetic verses, or making sure lines scan. Nah, just chuck in another “Aiau scrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!” That’ll do.

Now I’ll willingly admit that that track (whatever it was called) used in David Attenborough’s series “Planet Earth” worked like a charm. And as music to soundtrack films, ads and those uplifting true-story segments in TV talent shows, Sigur Ros are nigh-on perfect. But as something to get your teeth into? Sorry, but to me the band remains lacking.
So could releasing a track I can actually understand flip my opinion? Well, we’ll see. Perhaps its searing insight and lyrical beauty will compensate for all those years of, effectively, saying nothing.
I have to be honest, though – there’s a cruel part of me that hopes these much-anticipated English lyrics turn out to be as lumpen as Oasis’s “Roll With It”, if only to see the reaction of the fans.

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  1. Melanie says:

    There are definite upsides to singing in a made-up language (or plain old Icelandic to be honest). Mainly, that when I go to a Sigur Ros show, no one can sing along at the top of their lungs.

  2. StuartW says:

    Good point actually – people can’t bellow along out of tune if they don’t know the words…

  3. Jaz Cummins says:

    Lol, you’re such a cynic! Bet the lyrics are amazing. Nah, have to agree with you Stu, never quite got it. I like Melanie’s point though – that’s definitely a bonus

  4. Sista Lou says:

    I see your point totally, and I understand that you’re not a fan, but I just wanted to say ” I like them, so Yah Boo Sucks to you” in the nicest possible way. Have a Nice Day

  5. StuartW says:

    Sista Lou, bless you for disagreeing with me in the politest manner this site has ever seen.

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