Courtney Love distraught as Kurt Cobain's ashes are stolen

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kurt-cobain.gifEww. Who would want to nick a bunch of ash? Even if it was once the greatest songwriter of his generation, now it’s just… ash. Am I missing something here?
The Nirvana dust was apparently pilfered from Courtney Love’s Los Angeles home, and she’s understandably upset. With some of his remains previously scattered in Washington State and New York, the ashes remain the last of Cobain’s, er, remains.

I don’t really know what someone would get from being in possession of Kurt Cobain’s ashes. Could you sell them? I doubt it, since it would be pretty difficult for the buyer to be assured of what they were getting. I mean, it could just be the remains of 20 Marlboro Lights for all they know.
Let’s hope the teef comes to the same conclusion and gets bored of being in possession of a box of dust, eh?
[via The Music Slut]

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