Glastonbury bingo – how did you score? I did fair to middling

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kelly osborne neon glasses small.jpgBefore he wandered off on a long weekend away (packing, not partying – that’s his lot in life), Stuart – your dear and glorious editor – left us all with a spot of Glasto bingo to keep us all entertained. Here’s how I did.
1. Popstars wearing neon-framed sunglasses in the studio
Didn’t spot this, but I did spot Kelly Osbourne wearing some heart-shaped neon specs, which I think should be worth a bonus point.
2. Annoying repetition of dull set from indie-turned-mainstream act
Thanks to the Red button coverage, a dull indie set was available for near-constant repetition throughout the weekend.

4. Yawn-inducing VT detailing the spiritual origins of the festival
Some bloke kept cropping up with a mic pointed at someone faintly eccentric looking. And that’s when I switched to Wimbledon.
6. Presenters adopting John Peel-style presentation techniques.
I missed John Peel even more this year, but mainly because Lauren Laverne and Mark Radcliffe did some great sub-Peel presenting and saved us from the Bowman-Lowe gang.
10. Little-suspected terrific acoustic performance in the studio.
Well, it was fairly suspected, but Dizzee Rascal did a great acoustic number.
11. VT of “revellers” having “fun”
Plenty of this. Especially odd for me was seeing my friend’s parents on TV at the front of the Joan Armatrading set, dancing like it was their last night on earth.
15. Unsuccessful attempt to get viewers to care about World music
Ethiopiques were this year’s world band of choice, with Radcliffe telling us that they were the Buena Vista Social Club of Ethiopia.
All in all, not a bad clutch of bingo numbers, I feel. But do let me know if you fared any better. Leave us a comment! (If you can get them to work…)

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