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tim booth james isle of wight festival.jpgMy esteemed colleague, Shiny Media’s fashion ed-in-chief Gemma Cartwright, went to the Isle Of Wight festival for the first time at the weekend. Seems like a good place to kick off this year’s batch of In-Tents Questioning, yes?
Below Gemma tells us all about her Police obsession and why she’s first person on My Chemical Toilet not to loathe Newton Faulkner.
Kindly tell us your name, age and where you’re from. Now.
Gemma, 24, from London.

Which festival have you recently attended?

Isle of Wight.
Have you attended this festival before? If yes, how does this year compare?
First time for me, but everyone else I was with has been numerous times before and apparently the line-up wasn’t as good as usual, mainly because Saturday wasn’t our cup of cha at all.
Which act gave the best performance, and why?
The Police, because they are The Police. They’re just such professionals. There was no stupid banter, no faffing around, and even though they’re in their fifties they still rocked the 60k strong crowd and got thousands of kids who weren’t even born when they released “Roxanne” singing every word. I was raised listening to Sting and The Police, and now I realise I’m not the only one. I was really shocked by the amount of young fans really getting into it.

If you could have promoted one act on the bill to headline status, who would you choose? Why?
I have it on good authority that Andy LoRusso, aka The Singing Chef, was the unsung hero of the entire festival. Sadly I missed him because I was enduring James instead. And yes, ‘enduring’ is the right word. Songs about 9/11 don’t go down well at festivals… nor does skipping ‘Sit Down’.
Did your opinion of any acts change radically as a result of their performance?
Newton Faulkner really surprised me. He was really excited to be there and I think the enthusiasm was catching. I wasn’t sure how someone so mellow and folksy would work such a huge crowd, but by the end of it he had everyone in the palm of his hand. This was thanks mainly to a spot-on Kings of Leon impression and an acoustic, one-man cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Brilliant.
Nicest surprise / biggest disappointment (music-related or otherwise)?
Is Luke from The Kooks always that monosyllabic and slurred?! He was fine when he sang, but I couldn’t understand a word he was saying in between.
What was the best heckle you heard?
Some ‘older gentlemen’ watching the Sugababes yelled out “Alright Geri?!” at one point. They were later heard cheering Heidi with all their might, before one turned to the other and said “Which one’s Heidi?”
Any high-quality onstage banter you feel deserves highlighting?
There was a severe lack of good banter (especially from the usually reliable Ricky ‘Kaiser Chiefs’ Wilson). Roy from Scouting For Girls recited the entire intro to He-Man before breaking into “Mountains of Navaho”, which I loved. But KT Tunstall, we don’t need you to teach us to body pop.
What was the funniest moment (music-related or otherwise)?
My Johnny Rotten impression seemed to go down well. I won’t be repeating it though.
Weirdest moment (if different)?
The Sex Pistols opening their set with a reggae / ska version of “Pretty Vacant”. Very odd, considering Johnny Rotten then abused the kings of ska-rock – The Police – by calling them ‘bumholes’ fifteen minutes later.
Any moments of sheer terror you’d like to share?
The urinals overflowed on Sunday. Mmmmm.
Anything you wish you’d brought with you?
A boy with better hair than mine to snog during “Every Breath You Take”. You know, the song about stalking someone.
Anything you wish you’d left behind?
John Lydon. Ah well.
Please mark the following elements out of 10, with any comments:

General facilities:
8/10 – the Big Top was too small for the acts that were in it (I didn’t even attempt to see Feeder).

Crowd / audience:
9/10 – dropped a mark for the annoying woman next to us on Sunday with the tambourine. ARGH!
Food and drink value for money: 9/10 – Drinks were

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