The Ting Tings, Alphabeat and Duffy among acts added to T4 On The Beach

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alphabeat_10,000_nights.gifBlimey. Never mind Glastonbury – for pop kidz, Weston-Super-Mare on Sunday 20th July looks like the place to be this summer. T4 On The Beach, already playing host to Adele, Pigeon Detectives, Lightspeed Champion, Robyn, The Feeling and many more, has added yet more top acts to its bill.
Those acts are: Guillemots, Feeder, Duffy, Alphabeat and The Ting Tings. If you added up the highest chart placings of all those acts, you’d get… *gets out calculator*… about… *shakes calculator*… something like… *throws calculator out of window*… well, not a very high number. Which is good. As far, like, how successful they’ve been. You remember how charts work, yeah? The lower the number the better.

That was probably not the best way of saying that T4 On The Beach will have a lot of very successful acts playing this year. But it doesn’t really matter anyway because unless you bought tickets already, you can’t go. Because it’s sold out. So nerr.
I suppose you could try and hide a bit further up the beach, and pretend to be building sandcastles, as long as you’re able to dance in your head so as not to arouse the suspicion that you’re STEALING LIVE MUSIC. If you do try that, let me know how you get on.
Alternatively, of course, you could just watch the whole thing on Channel 4, because they’ll be broadcasting it live. Hurrah!
Visit the T4 On The Beach site for more info

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